This week’s I Love Mondays article is in a way an extension to the previous week’s article of The Success Mantra of 6 C dated 08/07/19 which talked about how an employee could reach the next level of desired success, right from Commitment, Courage, Creativity, Capability, Confidence to Continuity.

During this journey of constant growth and evolvement through valuable learnings, every employee undergoes the 5 stages of Transformation taught to all smmartizens [smmart employees] invented by none other than the Transformation & Growth Multiplier himself, Numero Uno Trainer of India, Founder of smmart Training Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. – T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

Each of these 5 stages always motivates an employee to keep on challenging himself to the next level of success for his personal and organisational growth mentioned as under.

  1. Commodity – This means the employee is just another professional from the crowd. He’s a commoditized professional in the organisation doing the mundane, routine activities which beyond a point aren’t A substitute for him isn’t difficult to find and replace him. His presence is more or less unnoticed by his peers or by his colleagues or by the organisation in general as he isn’t creating value or making an impactful difference to his life, to the organisation, and the society as a whole.
  2. Unique Product – When this employee has made a Commitment, a conscious decision to transform his life to the next level of success and growth, he brings about a change in his work ethic, his approach, his attitude towards attaining his goal. This ignites the Courage in him to pursue the task in new ways which brings out his imaginative, Creative best. This eventually helps transform him from a Commodity to a Unique Product.
  3. Exceptional Service – The moment this employee has moved from Phase 1 to Phase 2, he has taken a leap from a Mindless to a Mindful journey by overcoming his static Mind-Set which was acting as a hurdle, a hindrance in his path of success.
  4. The new creative thought process or way of approach sees new avenues, new opportunities of success open to him and this enables him to provide Exceptional Service towards his work, collaborators, colleagues, organisation and to the society as a whole. Now people from the same organisation treat him in high regard as he speaks from meaningful experience each time. His conversations have a positive influence upon others, each time which makes them associate with him better.

    His credibility also increases in the organisation as he is considered to be a CVCO [Chief Value Creation Officer], a reliable resource who is open to new challenges and scope of work producing results.

  5. Unique Experience – In this phase, this employee has developed multiple Capabilities over a period of time and is in a position to impactfully influence the lives of those around him through his knowledge, experience and has reached a state whereby he can create a dynamic and an ever evolving team to achieve and over achieve the set goals leading to Self and Organisational Transformation, Excellence & Growth.
  6. He has moved from the Centre of Profit Stage to Centre of Growth & Excellence which means he has moved from being a revenue generator to an industry disruptor. This helps him foresee the future opportunities of growth, plan accordingly and make a remarkable organisational transformation leading to further growth and success.

  7. Meaningful Transformation – This is a phase of personal and professional excellence. During this phase, the transformation is so magnificent and profound in the life of this employee that it shows up in his habits, traits, body language, approach towards work and life.

This employee is always self-confident about achieving his set goals which reflects in his work on a continuous basis. As a contributor to the society, he is seen as the present and the future torch bearer of not just the organisation but also the industry as a whole.

So friends help yourselves understand which stage are you in today and keep on urging to move to the next level of everlasting success and growth which brings everlasting difference to the lives of those around you, and makes your work place a GPTW [Great Place To Work], and this world a great place to live in.