Sipping coffee or in the middle of things if the subject line of your inbox reads “Did you get your copy?”

How likely are you to open this mail? Well most of you would venture into the script to find out what this copy was about.

Now let us brood over it for a while to find out why you did that.

Maybe it :

  • Got you curious
  • Triggered hopes
  • Gave you a sense of missing something
  • Seemed as if something you didn’t know would work well for you
  • Made you think that everyone in this planet except you benefited

Small ticket or big, when it comes to selling it is the same. Have you or your Sales team got your prospects thinking about you? Have you tickled them enough to pay attention to you or your proposition? It is not really about Closing but about the right Opening.

If you got it right, your prospects would do the closing for you.

“Come on  …I want you guys to double up the sales numbers this month. Go on a rampage. Work harder…..Slog your backside. Send mailers to all in this world…Send quotations to all your contacts. Call up double the number of prospects…Send samples. Meet up with as many number of prospects. I don’t want you guys in the office area anymore…be on the field. Get sales. Go sell.” yelled the sales manager.
It was 9 am that cloudy Monday morning, the first day after a not so very happening month, the meeting room was witness to a high voltage huddle and the sales team, though a bit put-off were as usual getting their daily dose of motivation. And if you thought this bunch would double the sales figures this month just hold on…you are more than an Optimist.

The last month too these clean shaven suited booted men were highly motivated but the balance sheet at the end of 30 days showed red.

Ever wondered why there are only a handful of Producers & Directors in the Film Industry aka Bollywood who take years to complete a film but their products are sold out much before the release. It becomes so easy for our monies to gravitate towards the Box Office. We show little or no resistance to this phenomenon.
The other day while I was on YouTube watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali narrate his version of making his rectangular big screen fantasies from Khamoshi to Black to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam to Devdas to Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, I understood that one thing which gets him there all the time “His attention to what gets people’s attention” 

Every Organization has its own sets of challenges when it comes to clocking numbers on the revenue charts and that too consistently, however only a few have mastered the art and science of selling.

With the advent of internet you may be in a B2B or a B2C or a C2B or a C2C format of business selling bearings, furniture, branding solutions, engineering services, jewellery, financial services, clinical equipment, motors, construction material, ideas, information, opportunities or just anything. It doesn’t matter. What matters the most is whether you have understood what gets your prospective customer’s attention and how do you translate it into money in the bank.

After completing the second session on Sales & Sales Management along with his Core and Sales team, one of our Entrepreneur student in our Advanced Gurukul batch said ”If you don’t have the 10 point Business Generation Plan in place, You just have nothing in place ”

Hence I want you to ask yourself the game changing question. Do you have a copy?

  1. A copy of your Customer Profile: Are you meeting everyone or the right ones?
  2. A copy of your Customer Base: Do you know the postal address of your right customers?
  3. A copy of 2 minute Maggi: How much time does your sale take to get peppered and marinated?
  4. A copy of all the virus: Do you know the pain areas of your Customers?
  5. A copy of the antivirus: Do you have the right solutions to their problems?
  6. A copy of your business raiders: Are you ahead of your competition?
  7. A copy of why me: Why should your customer buy your story?
  8. A copy of What and How: Do you have the custom built selling script. What to say and How to say it?
  9. A copy of Quiver: How capable is your team to face and solve the customer’s queries?
  10. A copy of the Mahayoddhas : Do you have the full bench strength to conquer the growing market?

As Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals you would be groping in the dark if you do not work relentlessly on creating the above copies for your teams.

Nothing beats performing at your peak levels but the real challenge is to build an exciting and an all-inclusive platform for your sales team to be empowered to deliver.

Go get your copy !!