Agility and Strength both are important for an excellent performance. While strength decides
your effectiveness, agility ensures your efficiency.

It is essential to be both agile and robust.

In such uncertain times, when you are forced to be locked inside your house, your physical and
social activities are reduced to a minimum.

It affects you physically, mentally and emotionally.

This time is when you feel isolated with the world. With a lot of broadcasts from all over the
media and social media, chaos is created in your life, making it a complete mess.

You can become frustrated; you can become depressed; you may lose your flexibility; you will
gain weight; you may suffer from a lot of ailments.

But it can be avoided.

Just like it is the start which decides the journey. It is the start of your day, which determines
how your entire day is going to be.

I start my day with Yoga, Exercise and Meditation and advise you to do the same.

Yoga gives you flexibility, exercise makes you healthy, and with meditation, you take mental and
emotional control on yourself.

Try to sleep on time and wake up early so that you get enough time to do these comfortably.
Be disciplined and do it every day.

Watch videos, read books or call up experts to discover the correct ways of doing it.

Sunlight is an essential source of Vitamin D and has proven to cure depression. Try to get an
ample amount of it every day.

Yes, social interactions are limited but spend quality time with your family. Talk to your wife, play
with your children, spend good time with your parents.

Catch up with your friends and relatives on audio and video calls and talk your heart out.

It is both personally and socially imperative to stay away from rumours—get away from all the
social groups and networks where unnecessary and unverified information is regularly

Read the best books and indulge in some creative hobbies.

Maybe this situation makes you discover a new person and may build some great habits in you
which will decide your future.

It is possible if you wish to.

Live an examined life. Live a meaningful life.