Today’s article is based on the ideals set by the Numero Uno Business Coach of India, Chairman & Co-Founder of smmart Training & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair on how to set up a profitable business.

Building an enterprise’s responsiveness to ROI [Risks, Opportunities & Investments] goes a long way in determining how successful an organisation is in the short run required to run the business i.e. ensuring liquidity and timely rotation of products and services in the market for running the business smoothly on a routine basis.

This is the responsibility of the bottom line management mainly comprising of Managers to deal with ROI and build businesses by laying emphasis on the following

  • Strategize and execute to generate revenue in the immediate short run period of 1 – 12 months.
  • Efficiently run local businesses and provide efficient client servicing leading to further business development out of new leads and references.
  • The current business model should invest in different efficient ways of executing the business operations by facing new risks and challenges, maximising growth opportunities and making timely, optimum investments required in smoothly running the business.
  • It’s the responsibility of leaders and managers to understand priorities of the business and the challenges faced by their key employees in executing the same as they are the ones who run the show. They are accountable to the brand’s key customers, key stakeholders and hold brand credibility being the face of the company.
  • Forging new business relationships and building upon existing relations is the most important aspect to be worked upon at this level for not only sustaining the business but also taking it to the next level of CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE & CENTRE OF GROWTH. Both topics will be covered in the upcoming weeks.
  • Build resources in a way that the customer himself is attracted towards the business and/or brand each time by investing in brand building activities. Marketing as we know helps leverage businesses and facilitates Sales. Marketers should target relevant customers by channelizing efforts and devising new strategies
  • via the right channels and mediums leading to better outreach and in the process assisting the Sales Team with their targets.

  • Employees should be motivated at all times to take the next level plunge and should always be on the hunt for the desired growth in the company in terms of both, personal and professional learnings and stature as well. This is possible only if the company is growing and generating revenue on a regular basis for which contribution on an individual level as an efficient Team Player is required. It’s everyone’s collective efforts can bring about the desired results and make the organisation a CENTRE OF PROFIT striving for growth and excellence always.