I want to ask a simple question:

Is doing business really easy and smooth as before?

You will jump and scream to say – No, it isn’t!!!!!!

Yes, I agree with you. I feel you. Changing laws across the world, economic slowdowns, wars in
different parts of the world, natural calamities, depletion of resources, shaking governments and
now pandemics like COVID-19.

We have seen businesses suffering from these; they go slow and sometimes reach a
hibernation stage.

So what if business slows down? What if people are not interested in meeting you? What if you
apply the best efforts, but the results are negligible?

Should you also surrender? Should you even go in hibernation?

My dear entrepreneur, it’s the perfect time for preparation. It’s time for skill development,
upgrading, updating, and upping up everything in life.

This time is ideal for developing new capabilities which you should have built, but you haven’t.
This time is when you can sharpen your abilities which are getting eroded.

Read books, watch videos, attend webinars, listen to the best speakers, call up mentors, do role
plays, do monologues/ dialogues and take out the best version of you who is prepared to win in
every war.

An entrepreneur needs to develop his skills regularly; he/she needs to be self-guided,
self-motivated and self-directed throughout his/her life.

In the rush of life, you will never get the time.

This is the ideal time!!

“Santosh Nair Online Academy” offers more than 100’s of videos by me, on all the aspects of
business, which will continuously prepare you, up skill you and motivate you to fight the
uncertainties of business. You can click on the below link to buy it and also can write to us for
more information.

Have a great day ahead!!