I always say that the job of an entrepreneur is to take continuous risks. An entrepreneur has to
always be in a risk-prone zone, as he is never supposed to be in the area of comfort.

So, what is a zone of comfort? Is your office also the zone of comfort for you?

Close your eyes and think. Does the feeling of sitting in a nice office, for the entire day, give you
a sense of convenience, comfort and security. If yes, then immediately step out of it.

Beware!! This office can erode your capabilities and shake your confidence.

As an entrepreneur, you should always have a team where everyone directly reports to you,
should behave like an entrepreneur. So, for the good of the organization, and for keeping the
spirit of entrepreneurship alive, discourage them also to come to the office.

Why does your Business Development Head need an office? He/she must be in the field to add
numbers. Why does your Marketing Head need an office? He/she must be in the market to
create new associations and generate new opportunities. Your Content Head must be busy
attending seminars and symposiums and not enjoying the comfort of the office.

And if you will not discourage that, they will come to the office; they will remain engrossed in
non- revenue-generating activities, they will manufacture work and stay busy for the entire day,
but the organization will not move even an inch forward.

Remember, the work which does not produce any displacement, any shift, any revenue, any
result is just no work. I have said this multiple times in my program “Impact Multiplier”
(I recommend you to immediately grab a copy of it to understand the depth of this conversation).

I also agree that a nice, beautiful office is a need of every organization. But, it should be the
place which should support the journey of transformation and not the place which delays it by
creating roadblocks.

Manufacturing of opportunities is desirable, manufacturing of work is dangerous.

Look if “Manufacturing of Work” has become a practice in your organization then discourage it

Have a great day ahead!!