One of the hardest things for any business owner is letting go. Most find it extremely discomforting that the company they created and has been growing for decades can run without them. As a result, the growth, development and overall running of the business are entirely dependent on the owner.

Businesses that run this way aren’t wholly independent. The perfect asset any potential company buyer would want to own is one where even without the owner, everything runs smoothly. Also, in case of health issues or other problems that could keep you away, the business will suffer.

Luckily, that’s what a phenomenal team prevents from happening. But how exactly do you instill the best values and practices to make sure it’s business as usual with or without you? Here are a few ways to get your business to run without you.

Have a reliable core team

Every business owner has their routine. The things they do and the way they manage their business speaks a lot. While you must establish a working routine in your company, it’s highly essential to collect together a core team you can trust, not just with your life, but also every facet of the business. It means being vulnerable before the team and accepting that you could wake up one day unable to go to work and run the business the way you do.

Invest in a robust management team

It is vital to invest in an energetic and motivated management team. Nothing motivates people more than ownership, which is why it’s imperative to have an aggressive plan for key team members. Sometimes, you might not even know what the manager or owner does because the management hierarchy works so well. Of course, the management team needs to be determined and active. It should be able to handle matters even when you are not around.

Empower your employees

When you empower your team, mistakes and problems are expected. These challenges should be embraced instead of looking at them as a disaster. You have to be friends with failure. Failure only becomes failure if you let it stop you. Create a work culture where mistakes don’t define a person but make sure your employees are accountable for them. Sometimes you have to fail to make it work.

Increase efficiency through apps

From a time-tracking app to a tool that streamlines team on boarding, there’s an app for everything. In this age where technology is beyond us, it’s just a matter of finding the right tools that will help you run your business more efficiently. There are apps which are free to use that team leaders or business owners utilize to manage their team members or employees, projects and productivity, even if they’re new in the digital world.

Generate automatic customers

There are a few ways to do this like membership models, subscription models, annual recurring revenue models. All of these models have your customers buying from you automatically. Consider creating a service contract with your customers that offers to fulfill one of their ongoing needs regularly.

Follow these strategies, and soon you will be able to step away from your small business. It’s not easy to walk out and leave something significant to you. But when you step back, you can see the fruits of your labour. To learn how to expand your business or to know more about our services, visit us at