In today’s cut throat competitive market, being a Capability Multiplier is a need of the hour and so it’s important to understand the meaning of Capability first.

Capability is a state where one feels completely equipped and resourceful to achieve the desired results in a particular activity.

A person who has dedicated his entire life endlessly expanding capabilities is a Capability Multiplier. One has to reach that state, which is a journey from today to tomorrow. It’s planned, well thought of, worked upon. It’s a destination through a mindful journey. One has to discover unique ways of achieving results and have a competitive advantage over others.

 A Capability Multiplier enjoys external rewards such as attention, more credibility for work done, superior status, influence, income, reputation, recognition, position in the organisation.

A Capability Multiplier is wise enough to know the predictable essentials of that activity, he knows the cause and effect, patterns to be followed, has high degree of self-awareness and knowledge, is confident while others are confused, knows how results can be produced.

He has rehearsed the steps of success on multiple situations with commitment, persistence, and is constantly learning, improving, getting better till he gets a breakthrough. He is the one, who can guarantee and produce results at will. He never believes in trying to complete a job but COMPLETES the job and in the process never takes ‘NO’ as an answer, on the opposite he is always ‘ON THE GO’. This means he is never in the ‘Trying’ business but in the ‘Doing’ business.

Capability Multiplier is constantly cutting down on Time & Effort to achieve the desired Results. The secret between today’s achievements and tomorrow’s goals is new Capability building. All capabilities are inter connected, and this keeps the learning and evolving going. Building a new capability leads to an increase in Effective Authority. One of the easiest ways of building capability is enjoying others’ capabilities.

Capability Multiplication is a process of Wisdom Multiplication developed by a capability multiplier, who is on a mindful journey. It’s a process of Model development. One has a model, a dialogue, a process, a tool, a technique, a philosophy, a story, an experience, a ritual, a set of pattern that one has developed for each capability.

Qualities of a Capability Multipliers are as under

  • They rise above accidental Origins
  • They don’t worry about the circumstances
  • They are future focused
  • They transform and thrive on change
  • They constantly want to build their I.Q.
  • They have lot of stories to tell and the best thing is that the world will be  ready to listen to their stories
  • They are immune to any bad phase in life
  • They write their own destiny
  • They celebrate the success of others and look upon them not as crowd, or competition but as opportunities

A new awakening in life happens when one commits towards being a Capability Multiplier and remarkable success is achieved when he reaches the stage of ‘I am a Capability Multiplier’.