In the past 2 months I have covered the managerial functions of Staffing & Planning. Today’s article is relevant for both functions which is inspired from an article I read last week on Inspiration from Mr. Jony Ive.

The author has wonderfully covered the important must dos to be followed by everyone and every organisation to stay on course towards reaching goals in life. This really inspired and motivated me to share my learnings from the same, mentioned as under.

  1. All problems or challenges have solutions. There’s no lock without a key to it. God has designed nature like that way.
  2. Learn to deal with criticism as not all criticism is bad. it’s an intrinsic part of our lives so make peace with it.
  3. Question everything all the time to challenge the Status Quo, to ensure no loopholes have to be filled and to stay on top of your work always.
  4. Sketch more ideas and broaden your vision as an idea is the genesis of action to be taken in the future.
  5. Invest time on Research & Development in your domain expertise for personal and professional growth.
  6. Make processes sustainable for continuous development & growth.
  7. Be a good networker as contacts make life easy, help build and maintain brand credibility and relationships.
  8. Believe in yourself at all times. REMEMBER it’s YOU who is your best friend always. There’s no better substitute of Self Belief in life.
  9. Get over yourself. Never live a self-obsessed life. Always learn from others and their mistakes. Take the plunge to explore the unexplored version of life and keep on evolving & growing. This will happen only if we keep on challenging ourselves at all times.
  10. Think about all possibilities before coming upon a decision to execute.
  11. Stay up all night. Work your butt off when no one’s watching. It’s this pain, those hard yards that you have put in all this while that will help yield the desired results in the long run.
  12. Conceptualise to ensure that action is taken in the right direction.
  13. Come out of your Comfort Zone and face all challenges in the path of excellence like a wall. Embrace new, tough tasks to keep the spice alive in life and keep the learning going in life.
  14. Form follows function. It’s your action which is going to shape you and the activity which you want to build for the future. Any discrepancy in the process could mar the desired final outcome or product.
  15. Don’t procrastinate. Take action in life as if it’s NOW or
  16. Find inspiration everywhere. Look at the brighter side of life always. Remember it’s your ATTITUDE that decides your ALTITUDE in life.
  17. Know when to speak up. Know your role and do full justice to it. Learn to be a good listener.
  18. Believe in collaboration. In today’s dynamic, ever evolving times, we need to be collaborators rather than competing with each other to help learn, grow and evolve in life.
  19. Trust your gut feelings, your natural instincts in today’s VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complexity & Ambiguity] times to overcome challenges and survive during tough times in life.
  20. Educate your client about the company’s Core Ideology, it’s products, services, etc. so as to forge and sustain relationships in an attempt to build and sustain brand credibility and image.
  21. Use spell check. Just how spoken words cannot be taken back the same way official communication sent via SMS or Email cannot be undone.
  22. Think about possibilities and find new ways to get the job done.
  23. Make me care more about me, myself, my organisation and society as a whole.


All of us have come across some or most of the above mentioned pointers at some or the other point of time in life, yet as humans we need reminders to stay on course and committed towards achieving the desired goal.