What is the entitlement attitude?

Let’s see some examples:

  1. Even if the business collapses, my organization should pay me on time.
  1. Even if there is a slowdown of the economy for a long time, my yearly appraisal should
    happen on time.
  1. My company should invest in me.
  1. My company should take care of my future.
  1. My company should provide me with safety, security, guarantee and predictability

Is there something wrong in asking for payment on time or appraisal on time? The problem is
never with the demands; the problem is with the attitude.

This attitude is not acceptable in today’s world, which is continually facing turbulence. Every
business is suffering from one after the other blows every day. Be it economic recession, be it
natural calamities, be it wars, be it pandemics.

In these times, instead of thinking that “What my company should do for me?”, the employee
should ask “what can I do for my company?”.

It is the time for the employees to contribute towards building the future of the organization.
They should think about growing along with the organization.

It is the time to explore new ways; it is the time to innovate, it is the time to learn, it is the time to
upgrade, it is the time to lead instead of manage, it is the time to drive things, it is the time to
take personal responsibility.

Now, you can ask a question- What is the benefit of an employee in doing this?
How will he be rewarded?

With his/her steps, the organization will grow, but how will the organization share the growth
with him/her? Let’s understand.

When an employee takes his capabilities from a lower level to a higher level of productivity;
when an employee takes his role from a lower level to a higher level; when he/she takes the
KRAs and KPIs from a lower level to a higher level, he /she takes an entrepreneurial shift.

He is still an employee, but he starts working as an entrepreneur. He starts practicing the rare
virtue of personal honesty and self-discipline and starts taking ownership of the place.

Every employer and organization needs such a breed of employees, who prioritize the growth of
the organization and keep personal interests later.

This shift makes the employee more emotionally stable and focused on work. Chaos, confusion,
gossip and grapevines go out of life and what comes is remarkable clarity.

He/ she now lives the purpose of the organization and aligns his/her goals to the goals of the

This attitude qualifies the employee to be a part of the “Dream Team” which every entrepreneur
wants to build.

Such an employee immediately moves to be a decision-maker in the organization. It hardly
matters how experienced he/she is. What matters is the attitude and intention.

Every company wants to have such an employee as its business partner, where he can come to
profit-sharing terms with the organization.

Now let’s take a look at the past. If an employee, was getting a fixed salary by the end of the
month, was fighting every day for job security, never got an opportunity to share ideas, never
thought to be a decision-maker, was okay with a little percentage of growth every year, and had
decided to live the life in the same manner throughout life.

Now, he/she is a business partner with the organization; the entrepreneur wants his/her
services, he/she never has to think of security, there is no ceiling on the income, his/her income
is directly proportional to the success of the organization, he/she is a decision-maker, there is
every chance for him/her to be the Director/CEO/CTO of the organization.

In the world of today, the attitude of entitlement leads to a lose-lose situation.

But a no-entitlement attitude leads to a win-win situation.

It is for you to decide what is to be practiced.