As entrepreneurs, our professional life is faced with loads of thoughts to do many new things all the time. Multiple thoughts, new elements rattle our mind and it travels far and wide. Each new element fills us with eagerness, curiosity, hope, anxiety, worry, fear. We are always geared up to face whatever is in store with it, as we are to face loads of challenges and setbacks that comes with it.

  • Irrespective of what life (both personal and professional) throws at us, how does one rally our emotional strength in the pursuit and final achievement of our professional goals???
  • How does one stay ‘calm and composed’ irrespective of business complexities??
  • How do we build our resilience (coping with life’s difficulties) to achieve high performance?
  • How do we make sense of the roller coaster ride that we seem to find ourselves in??

If you take a look at any category of high achievers regardless of industry, you will quickly realise that they have overcome all and displayed an extraordinary level of ‘Mental Toughness’ to reach where they are. Yes, they had MENTAL TOUGHNESS !!! what is it all about???

‘Mental Toughness’ is the ability to how effectively an individual deals with stress, pressures and challenges. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience and grit. These are the qualities that each must adopt in everything we do.

If I have to search for how one builds mental toughness, I would classify it into 2 categories:

  1. INNER STRENGTH – This develops an unbeatable mind.

There is so much talk about inner strength, even more than mental toughness or mental strength. Most confuse the two as same but it is not so. Inner strength, also called Atmabal, is the strength of the soul. It is the core strength of a person, while mental strength is simply the inner strength of the mind. Inner strength is derived from:  

a.     Practising Mindfulness:

In my recent years of studying for my International Coaching Certification, I have heard of Practising Mindfulness and it is said that this is applicable for sportspersons as much as for Businessmen alike. Practicing mindfulness daily is a game-changer. So Meditate, be Mindful. Mindfulness calms your mind down from the noisy and chaotic world that we live in; and that calm, in turn, equips you with the strength and peace of mind to keep moving forward even in the face of extreme difficulty in your business. Being in tune with the present moment and living fully right where you currently are, helps diminish the fear that holds many people back and provides them with the clarity to focus on what’s most important.

b.     Building inner Confidence in one’s abilities and in your Interpersonal confidence also. T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair says “Confidence is an eternal lifetime ability to remain composed, alert & directed in our  thoughts, words & deeds, when faced with fears & insecurities that surrounds us, such that you convert:

Dangers into Opportunities

Obstacles into Innovation

Setbacks into Breakthroughs &

Weakness into Advantages”

  • Prepare mentally every day. Your mind can be strengthened every day, just like a muscle. Complete a mental workout every day to dramatically improve your focus and ability to execute consistently. It’s one of the most effective methods known for training your body and mind to stay under control and perform to your potential.
  • Discipline your Mind. While a relentless solution focus is the mental step, discipline is the action step that makes solutions workable. In this way, discipline delivers success. Make discipline a habit by limiting temptation and conscious practice. 
  • Emotional Control. Emotional control is a skill that most leaders need, to be successful in managing their employees. This does not mean suppressing all emotions, but rather consciously choosing which emotions are appropriate in any given situation, and avoiding expressing extreme or negative emotions during times of pressure.
  1. Prepare to ‘say’ the right thing. Practice your response to the three most common situations you face. Creating and documenting scripts, like your elevator pitch, for key interactions help you and your team maintain focus. They build confidence and reduce the anxiety that often gets in the way of leadership performance.
  • Prioritize the Priorities. At times of challenge, Prioritize or perish should be every entrepreneur’s mantra. Accountability requires splitting your big product goals into daily process goals and scheduling them to completion. Don’t get distracted with the unimportant.
    • Practice accountability through self-evaluation. Learn to look in the mirror every day. No evaluation means no awareness of how you are doing, which gives you no basis for improvement. Good performance does not require perfection, which is unachievable.
  • Control your verbalization to control your performance. Learn to control the way in which you verbalise thoughts, ideas or beliefs because this is where your nerves and emotions are engaged. By maintaining basic mental stability and preparing yourself intellectually you will function more effectively and successes will grow.

A big part of having that focused mindset and mental toughness is being able to keep moving forward when the going gets extremely tough, staying positive when negativity attacks and persisting over and over again until you finally reach your journey’s end. That’s the true definition of mental toughness: Displaying an enormous amount of belief, fight and dedication toward a goal that you are passionately pursuing.

In short, being resilient and mentally tough is non-negotiable if you want to step into your greatness and become the best version of yourself.

To end, I would like to say that we all need these fundamentals of Mental Toughness to succeed and lead in today’s business environment. It takes more than market knowledge and technical skill alone. That’s the fun part of the challenge to most entrepreneurs. If it was easy, anyone could do it. Are you ready to step up and develop Mental Toughness in you? Wishing you all the very best to develop, mature and progress with it forever !!