A healthy Organisation Culture is a must in today’s modern world of business. An example to this is Synchrony, A Hyderabad based organisation which has 41 % of organisation as women and 27 % as women leaders, another 125 employees are with disabilities.

This diversity brings about the collective best from all employees each day at work and cultivates an inclusive environment allowing employees to contribute in meaningful ways.

Their diverse workforce strives to contribute towards the betterment of the community with programs such as ‘Goal For Girls’ which constantly motivates their employees to mentor, engage, and guide participants. Engagement, Caring & Working Forward together is the building blocks of their culture which drives individual ambitions towards pioneering their future towards success.

As a company they believe that ambitions live everywhere and encourage their employees to fulfil their ambitions by designing flexible programs leading towards a balanced work life. As a caring organisation they believe in contributing towards the society by volunteering which helps them connect better with their communities. Recently they helped provide 5000 cornea transplants through LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad.

Organizational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. This helps us understand the fact that each and every employee needs to live the organisation’s culture and feel a part of the unit, family which represents the organisation as a whole.

A classic example of Diversity & Inclusion is evident in our company itself. We have a concept of ringing the bell for different occasions. This helps to bring everyone together across departments and celebrate the moment each time, creating memories for a lifetime to be cherished. This helps in fostering relationships, creating positive vibes around and helps builds upon the spirit of unity amongst diversity.

We have 3 types of bells in our premises

  • Happiness Bell
  • Revenue Bell
  • Demand Excellence Bell

 – Happiness Bell : This is rung to celebrate moments of happiness such as employees’ birthday celebrations, festival celebrations, newly joined employee celebration whereby we sing ‘The Love Song’ in a perfect sync by clapping followed by shaking hands and gesturing towards each other throughout the song giving a feeling of a united family which we call and live, is known as the smmart Parivaar.

Revenue Bell : This is done to celebrate our success, our wins, our achievements, whereby the achiever rings the bell to bring everyone together and shares his success story to motivate and inspire others spreading happiness and positivity around.

Demand Excellence Bell : This is done to challenge each other towards the next step of success across departments. Here an employee shares with everyone how he/she brought about individual and the team’s transformation to over achieve desired targets. This idea translated into thoughts and actions keeps the employees in our company focused towards taking the next leap of transformation and growth eventually driving them towards success.

We also conduct Annual Social Conference Program each year to recognise, appreciate, award and motivate rising talent, our Transformation and Growth Multipliers towards the next level of Excellence & Growth, both personally and professionally. There’s much more to learn, cherish and contribute being a part of this unique, ever evolving system.

This way, we live as a cohesive, ever learning, ever evolving, ever challenging, ever transforming, ever growing organisation driven by our Core Values which is lived and cherished every moment by every employee striving towards everlasting success.

Thus, every smmartizen proudly associates himself as a part of S.T.E.P. [Smmart T.I.G.E.R. Entrepreneur Parivaar] where the term T.I.G.E.R. stands for

T – Tough, I – Ingenious G – Go Getter E – Enterprising & R- Resourceful