This article is a part of the ‘PLAN’ topic under the managerial function of Planning that I have covered since the past 2 weeks. So after Prioritising and Listing comes Action.

Taking No Action after prioritising and listing is just like not implementing what is on paper. The question that arises is how can action be an intrinsic part of planning? Action after all is an outcome of planning.

My friends, action may not necessarily mean going all out to execute the desired plan. It also means taking a step or steps in the right direction before going all out to achieve the goal.

Our initial reaction to an idea, to a thought decides our approach and lays the path for the way ahead. The way we act reflects in our execution as well.

It’s important to condition our mind in sync with the plan to execute well.

“Most battles are lost in the mind itself” – Anonymous

No one can succeed with the thought of a Failure. There has to be a thought process to channelize the plan to action so as to derive upon the desired result.

The next scope of action will be determined by our attitude which will influence our approach and this feeling has to be Nurtured throughout this journey which I will touch upon in the next week’s article.

When you act, you commit yourself to the idea which has to be executed and accordingly take steps to put it into practise. It’s all about that commitment towards the decision which is the genesis for multiplying the success.

The same is taught to us in our company by the Co-Founder, The N. 1 Business Trainer of India, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair. He makes us understand via the 6 steps of Freedom Multiplication that it’s the Commitment to deliver that lays the firm foundation towards achieving the desired goal. It motivates us at each step and acts as an ally in our tough times, keeps us dedicated towards achieving the desired goal.

How should one act to any fruitful idea? is a subjective question based upon circumstances, desired results, etc.

The answer would vary on basis of past experiences, attitude, approach towards the idea and most importantly the outcome of the idea which is Execution in itself.

This stage becomes an intrinsic part of Decision Making and a very important part of it as well.

Many organisations miss the bus here when they don’t have the right leaders to foresee the bigger future or fail to align their existing resources in sync with the set targets. Due to this wrong step it affects the entire sequence of events thereafter with all efforts collectively failing in bringing about the desired results.

That’s why it’s important to proactively take the necessary precautions or measures at the right time so that all further activities can be run in sequence, in our continuous attempts towards reaching the desired goal.