This is the last article in the series of PLAN which sums up our coverage of Planning as a managerial function. In this article I will talk about the importance of Nurture which collates the essence of this word PLAN.

“The act or process of raising or promoting, training, educating, fostering, etc. is known as nurturing.” – Anonymous

In this context, Nurturing would refer to developing or promoting to ensure that the other 3 aspects of PLAN; Prioritise, List & Act are in sync together. Nurturing a habit or a practice that all priorities are listed with the right attitude will ensure that all energies are being channelized in producing result producing activities for a desired output.

This will ensure that the correct ACTION is taken post PLANNING or else too much evaluation over the existing plans will lead to underutilisation of resources affecting the outcome of a campaign. When there’s clarity in thought process, the action can be promptly taken as per the desired goal in mind.

This habit of Nurturing should be inculcated overnight, if not being implemented in all organisations, already. Also it should be driven from the top management in a manner that it should become an intrinsic part of the company culture. One way to ensure this from Day 1 is by making it an important part of Company Induction so that any newly hired leader or team player is fine tuned to this process in no time.

It should be an intrinsic part of an employee’s work ethic and ingrained in him just like how the Core Ideology, Company Morals and Values of a company are taught during the induction program.

The other important aspect of Nurturing is that it’s required to improvise upon the existing list of activities to achieve the desired outcome or work upon our attitude to fine tune our actions, as and when the need arises. Also if any key point is missed out while prioritising that could be worked upon to ensure that we are on track towards achieving the desired goal.

Another meaning of Nurturing is Caring which is also applicable here, as care should be taken to ensure no stone is left unturned in this entire process each time.

As observed, for all these 4 key aspects of PLAN i.e. Prioritise, List, Act & Nurture to fall in place there has to be uniformity and discipline i.e. Planning and Nurturing without the other 2 aspects would be incomplete and would defeat the whole purpose ultimately leading to a failure in execution and adversely affecting the growth ambitions of an organisation.