In the last article dated 29/07/19, I talked about the importance of each alphabet of the word ‘PLAN’, relevant at each stage of an organisation. Today I would lay more emphasis on the first initial i.e. P – Prioritise.

“A Plan without a Priority is just wasting Time.” – Anonymous

A priority is a NEED to LIST and ACT upon and so it’s considered as the starting point of every action. Only when the need is crystal clear, the plan can fall into meaningful action leading to desired results.

This holds true at a micro level for an employee or a team and at a macro level for an organisation or an industry.

An employee would struggle to do justice to his KRA if he doesn’t prioritise his tasks and would find it difficult to meet the desired targets under the set timelines. This performance of his would impact the team’s performance and eventually the organisation’s performance as well. Such is the importance of setting the right priorities if not done well Rocks the entire system at each step.

Due to this it’s very important for a Team Leader to set the right priorities for every task from each of his Team Players. Also it’s human to lose track or momentum with time for which repetitive reminders need to be set.

Due to this every employee should maintain a To do list which motivates him or her to go through the priorities and also fine-tune actions accordingly in order to take steps towards reaching the targets.

The To Do List reminds me of our Co-Founder, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair who has designed a Transformation book named The 21 Day Habit & Confidence Multiplier. It’s such a unique tool which helps focus on our daily priorities with questions such as What are your major key accomplishments ? Reason why it’s an accomplishment ?, Next Step ? & Specific Action towards That Step ?

All smmartizens are asked to fill this book and develop the habit of updating it everyday. On a personal front this activity has had a remarkable influence on me and helps me strategise better each time as I am motivated to align my tasks towards achieving the desired results.

“Failing to prioritise is preparing to fail” – Anonymous.

Today in this cut throat competitive world it’s important for any organisation to take precaution before each step as a wrong step could spell doom and immediately a competitor would want to take advantage of the situation and make amends.

Any activity with a focused approach and attitude yields better results is something known to all of us and by prioritising we are ensuring that our energies are channelized in the right direction for the desired results.

Setting the right priorities will ensure that our channelized efforts will not go in vain and will yield the desired results every time.

In our personal lives as well prioritising is of utmost importance right from having a work life balance to making an impact on the society by prioritising our work and designing actions towards self-fulfilment. It’s difficult to live a life of regrets as life is all about happiness anyway.

So friends look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what are your priorities in life? & where you stand against them today?