How can someone do “Sales at Will”, that also in these difficult times? Is there some trick,
secret or formula to do this?

If you want to do “Sales at Will”, you need to have “Dialogues at Will”.

Customers love dialogues. Customers love leaders. Customers don’t want to talk to followers.

With your dialogues, the customer, the prospect must get confidence that this person is going to
lead me in these difficult times, this person is going to give direction to my life, this person is
going to give me strength. Through your dialogues, you have to create a word picture of the
bright future which he/she will have. From your conversations, you should create a visual in
his/her mind about your organization, and it should also create an instant urge for the
association. At this moment, you can close the sale.

Zig Ziglar – The Great American Author, Salesman and Motivational Speaker, has said – “Selling
is a transference of feelings”.

How you feel is what you transfer to the other person.

If you are feeling confident, you will give confidence to the listener, and in this state of mind of
confidence, you can close the sale. But if you are not feeling confident, you will not be able to
give confidence to the listener.

So work on your dialogues, read books, travel around the world, meet people, attend training
programs, listen to great speakers, learn public speaking skills, work on your abilities and
become more and more capable with every moment.

And then you will be able to do “Sales at Will”. (I recommend you watch my program “Capability
Multiplier”, in which I have gone into depth and have talked on the subject for 4 hours with
relevant examples and detailed insights).

Have a great day ahead!!