Employee productivity measures the yield of employees in any specific business. This step can be done quantitatively, by tracking time and costs to correlate that against the results, or a company can address it in a more comprehensive and quantifiable way.

Employee and workplace productivity is similar to breathing. It’s vital in keeping your company thriving and alive. When all is going well, you presumably don’t overthink about it. But when conditions get labored, or there’s a significant blockage, processes quickly grind to a standstill.

Various times, going back to the basics of good people management is all that is necessary to produce higher productivity from your workforce. Here are a few of those basics, which should support you lay the foundation for developing employee productivity.

Keep goals clear & focused

Some basic blocking and tackling can ease your employees to understand their jobs better, and thus be more fruitful. First, a well-written JD simplifies the responsibilities of a position and enables managers and employees to set clear, relevant performance goals.

Assign responsibilities

Give obligations to qualified employees, and believe that they will perform the tasks properly. This step grants your employees with the opportunity to obtain leadership experience and skills that will conclusively benefit your company. You hired them for a reason, now provide them with a chance to prove you right.

Develop employee skills with training

Once selected, hired, and on the job, training is a fundamental part of securing productivity. There are various skills you can help your employees develop to increase their productivity. May it be, small day-to-day skills like spreadsheet manipulation and touch typing or bigger ones like developing the ideal time management technique for their work, every minute improvement adds up while increasing productivity.

Small incentives go a long way

You will be astonished at how powerful a gift card can be in the workplace. It has nothing to do with the monetary value but more on that case that there is a goal that all employees are striving to accomplish.

Communicate efficiently

Transparency is the at the core of effective communication; the clearer the dialogue, the more fruitful the employee will be. Choose the appropriate tool to communicate based on urgency and necessity. Encourage quick meetings and phone calls; this will decrease the time spent on back and forth discussion over emails. It will also aid towards team building as there is a personal connection in both these kinds of conversations.

Commemorate success

Employees want and deserve appreciation when they contribute to the success of your company, so look for methods to celebrate both company and individual milestones. Be sure to take time in acknowledging the excellent work they’re doing and the milestones they’re
accomplishing. Monetary rewards are always appreciated but aren’t usually what drives employees to work harder.

A mere, heartfelt “thank you” goes a long way towards increasing employee morale because it recognizes hard work and inspires a repeat performance. Feeling like they’re an esteemed part of a team and are making meaningful contributions to the business are more compelling
motivators than money alone.

By utilizing a number of our efficiency tips, you can be sure that you don’t fall back, and put that extra hour to good, productive use. To improve employee productivity or to learn more about our services, visit us at