Systems and processes are essential for an organization. Every organization wants to move
from being an Individual Driven Company to a Data-Driven Company to a System and Process
Driven Company to a Data-Driven Company to a Culture-Driven Company to a Collective
Consciousness Driven Company.

Every entrepreneur dreams of building an:

● Auto Pilot Organization- Runs on its own.
● Auto Exponential Organization- Grows on its own.
● Auto Transforming Organization- Transforms on its own.

To move to be an Auto Exponential and Auto Transforming Organization, first, the organization
has to become an Auto Pilot Organization where the organization takes care of the predictable,
while the entrepreneur moves to the unpredictable.

Setting systems and processes is a prerequisite to moving the organization to be Auto Pilot.
Yes, it is imperative, but in between the daily chores and hectic schedule, you never thought to
work in this direction.

Analyze your organization. Find out what new processes and systems are to be set? Are the
existing procedures and policies followed? If not being followed, why they are not being
followed? What are the changes that have to be made in the current systems and processes?
Are there adequately written process documents? When was the last time changes made in the
process documents? Are the employees reading the process documents? Are they following it?
Are the copies of the documents available both offline and online? Are they open to all the
people at all the locations?

It is the time to introspect, explore and ask a lot of questions from yourself and the team. With a
thorough study and analysis, make your organization, a system and process-driven one.
Correct old systems and processes, set new ones wherever required, try to make all the
departments- HR, Sales, Marketing, Content come under a system and method. Rewrite and
edit the documents, ask questions from the employees what all they know.

Make it available and accessible to everyone. Have a vigilant eye and always follow up, whether
that is being followed as a habit or not.

This exercise will give you a lot of advantages:

  1. You will have a properly created database of prospects and existing customers.
  1. It will be effortless for you to connect with customers.
  1. You can move on to designing personalized and customized solutions for your customers.
  1. The new joiners in your organization will have a smooth process of induction.
  1. The attendance / late comings will be recorded appropriately.
  1. It will be easy to identify the person assigned to a specific task.
  1. The source of error can be identified, and mistakes can be minimized.
  1. Evaluating employee performance will be transparent and effective.
  1. All the documents of the company can be put in one place.
  1. System generated communication will save a lot of time.
  1. There is a lot of time that can be saved in all the activities.
  1. The organization will move towards being an Auto Exponential and Auto Transforming Organization.

You have an opportunity to bring so many good things to your organization, streamlining
everything, creating an Auto Pilot Organization and moving further.

Utilize the time, be a System and Process-Driven Organization.