Since the past 2 Mondays we talked about the different employee engagement activities which can help an organisation reinvent its workforce. We also threw light on how an organisation pays a price for hiring the wrong employee.

In this article of I Love Mondays, I would want to share how an employee can add value to himself, the organisation, and to the society at large.

It’s a known fact that any change or transformation happens from within and then it transpires to everyone around that person. To bring the desired change, an employee has to follow 6 effective steps which are taught to us in our company, smmart Training & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. from a very learned, well read, intellect, the Founder himself, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

These effective 6 steps not only enable an employee to build the desired self-belief for next level success and transformation but also propel him to face all odds and overcome them, mentioned as under.

  1. Commitment – This is the genesis of all development, beginning with self-development. Once an individual/an employee commits himself towards a goal, towards an objective with an end in mind, he’s in a position to make a beginning which is the most important aspect for any change or transformation. An individual who is completely focused to his task and has that one mindedness towards achieving the desired goal is on a mindful journey towards achieving success.
  2. Courage – The inert desire of achieving the goal at all costs, gives an employee the desired motivation, the courage to stand like a wall in front of all challenges. He has the belief to face and overcome those challenges as he continues to strive towards Excellence.
  3. It’s this courage which gives rise to new vigour and helps him work upon his imagination and creativity to come up with meaningful ideas, path breaking ideas in some special cases. This brings a huge difference to his life and creates the drive in him to strive towards further Excellence.

  4. Creativity – Any organisation appreciates an imaginative, contributing and an ever evolving employee. These individuals are always motivated enough to create an impact to self and to their teams leading to self-development and organisational development.
  5. Brain storming is thus a very important activity in which certain organisations invest heavily upon to have that competitive edge, to stay relevant and meaningful at all costs.

    For example, Apple as an organisation encourages its employees from the Research and Development Team to actively invest 40 % of their time every week on brain storming so that they can come up with new ideas for further product innovation and/or upgrading user experience for their existing products.

  6. Capability – An innovative idea or a product helps build the desired capabilities for individual and organisational growth. It’s important to build the right capabilities and transform to be a Capability Multiplier in one’s on-going journey of success. Without having multiple capabilities it would become difficult for an individual or an employee or a system to keep on growing and evolving with time which may act as a huge hindrance in this journey of attaining the desired goal.
  7. Confidence – Once an employee has worked upon the above 4 aspects, he has the inner faith and utmost desire to put the foot on the pedal and drive his way to next level of desired success.
  8. Confidence influences his MINDSET to an extent that positivity reflects from his attitude, intent, approach and eventually impacts his execution which creates a remarkable difference to himself first, next his team and the organisation. This creates a healthy spirit amongst all employees in the team and in the organisation as well who work in harmony towards attaining the desired goal or objective.

  9. Continuity – ‘Practise makes a man perfect’ is a globally known fact. We may reach a substantial level of success by following the above 5 steps, yet we not be able to sustain the ever growing, competitive environment with time.
  10. So we will have to constantly brush up our skills and stay relevant, meaningful and most importantly find effective solutions to pursue our mindful journey of attaining success leading to everlasting growth and transformation.

    I would want to term this full proof model of success as ‘The Success Mantra of 6 C’ which everyone of us should continue to train ourselves in alignment with our dreams and goals to attain the desired level of success, growth, accomplishment leading to a feeling of pride which brings happiness in life. As we know, Life is all about happiness anyway.