Where do you want to take your life to ???  Your income?  Your business? The program you brought a book or a CD but didn’t do a thing about it? Your weight? Your relationship?

To achieve a whole new level of success, abundance, wealth, and joy it’s important to follow the tried and trusted method of a Success Triangle. It’s important to sustain the habits, the tools to have sustainable success in life. There is no money machine or a magic wand to make anyone successful overnight. People succeed by following the simple success habits in life.

There are people running on a treadmill faster than before but landing nowhere. The same way, if someone practices a wrong golf swing for 10 hours every day, at the end of it he will still remain a bad golfer.

So it’s important to learn about the first part of the triangle i.e. ‘Capability’. Building capabilities and learning the game from the highest level is the way to build the right skill for the job. Learning from others’ experiences, and mistakes to build the right capabilities is the need of the hour. To learn more about capability, how to multiply capabilities forever and to enjoy a successful life forever we have a Capability Multiplier Pep Talk to be conducted by T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair on 30/04/19 at Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium at Sion West in Mumbai.

The second part is ‘Focus’. It is said that if a person’s focus is down, he doesn’t lose by 50 % but by 90 % of his target. Focus with the right intensity is important to get the job done where correct timing is of essence. If you are really focusing hard but the intensity to reach the target isn’t consistently high enough you will not reach the goal.

The above 2 parts of the triangle are useless, till the third part of the triangle ‘Hunger’ is present. One can’t achieve his goal by saying I have the Capabilities to achieve the task, also I have the focus but I am not motivated to achieve it. A person with 90 % hunger will also be unable to meet the target. The inner drive towards achieving the goal should never cease.

We are unable to meet the desired goal in life because we lack in atleast 1 of the 3 pieces of the triangle, if not all. If we have the drive, the hunger which makes us focus towards building the right capabilities, by learning from the best in the business will help us build the right capabilities to attain the goal. Thus, all 3 pieces of the triangle have to be placed in sync to achieve the much desired Success in all walks of life.

This valuable model made me recollect the Cycle of Creating Value taught to all smmartizens by the Transformation & Growth Multiplier, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair. This model talks about how value can be created in 3 ways. By following the below mentioned steps can one add value and create a difference to his life and to the society, as well.

  1. Leadership providing Direction: A leader has to be a Torch Bearer and he should lead from the front to create a difference by leading his Team to create a meaningful difference to self, team and society apart from achieving goals.
  2. Relationship providing Confidence: It’s important to connect, and maintain contacts which help thrive our relationships, be it with our colleagues, our clients as this gives us the confidence to impart valuable information and/or products, services and transform lives to the next level of success.
  3. Creativity providing Capability: Last and the most important aspect is that we need to keep on learning and evolving with time and age. This will help to broaden our vision. It will make us courageous enough to start thinking creatively and this difference will show up in one’s ideas, actions which will help enhance capabilities to enhance and multiply success in life.