Is your money blessed or cursed?

Speech by

T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair

( Founder & Chairman )

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23rd October, 2020
10 AM to 1 PM,
( Reporting time 9 AM )

Is your money blessed or cursed?

A common myth accepted by most of the entrepreneurs is that wanting to have more money comes with a lot of sacrifices. Do you believe the same? The desire to attract more money should never come with sacrifices. It is essential to believe in the philosophy of ‘this and that’ – wanting to have good relationships and money, good health and money, spiritual balance with money. Are you living a ‘this and that’ life? If not, this program will help you in understanding this concept.

Money is fickle. She does not quite care who she belongs to or the morality of the hands that hold her. And this is what entrepreneurs realize as they see money flowing out faster than they earn it, irrespective of the quantum. Surprisingly, the tighter they hold their fist, the more sneakily she slips out of their hands. Money, the demanding mistress, traps the entrepreneur in limbo between absolute poverty and abject poverty. A rich man with poor health, poor relationships, poor mindset and a poor life. And when this happens, all the money in the world cannot make the entrepreneur smile.

So, is your money smiling or crying? How is your relationship money? Have you ever wondered whether the money you are making is smiling or crying? Being an entrepreneur, you really need to discover this.

Venue - The Fern Residency, Kuvadva road, Nr. Deluxe cinema chowk, Rajkot
Date - 23rd October, 2020
Time - 10 AM to 1 PM,


The world of entrepreneurship has always been seen as a very enticing and dynamic one.

With experience in entrepreneur training and a multitude of success-stories, we at smmart are forever-growing when it comes to entrepreneur, enterprise, and individual transformation.

That being said, there are a few who find it a task to keep up the fast-growing business scene; so, we come to your rescue.

21 Videos on Entrepreneur Pain Areas by T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

3 Customized Videos on Challenges raised by Entrepreneurs after every Session.

Awards for implementation of learning of each Lesson.

Timing 10am to 9pm ( Monday - Friday )


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  • The Journey of an Entirepreneur to an Entrepreneur Mastering the Art of Getting Work Done through People, Understanding the Why & How of Empowering People.
  • People Management & Productivity Maximization Identifying the Types of People working with us, Identifying your Management Styles, Mapping & Exercising Management with Employee Maturity, Effectively adopting different Management styles to ensure utmost Productivity.
  • SET YOUR DNA FIRST Identifying & Understanding Your Organization’s DNA, Formulating the Vision for Your Organization, & Aligning each stakeholder of the Organization to the Organization’s Vision.
  • smmart Vision & Success Multiplication Strategy Sheet Understanding the Need for Strategy Formulation & Formulating the Right Strategies towards achieving Organization Long Term Goals.
  • smmart Loyalty & Talent Factory Building Process. Understand the 8 Step process to Recruit, Groom, Develop, & Retain Talented Workforce in your Organization.
  • smmart Vision & Success Multiplication Strategy Sheet Understanding the Importance of Organization Wellness, How to Maintain Organization Wellness, & the 5 Wellness Habits.
  • smmart Digital Marketing Understanding the Concept & Need for Digital Marketing, Customer Value Journey, Building a Growth Team.


  • Discovering your way of dealing with money.
  • How can you have more money without any sacrifices.
  • How can you have peace and money both.
  • How can you have peace and money both.