smmart Entrepreneur Money Mastery

Speech by

T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair

( Founder & Chairman )

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6th November, 2020
10 AM to 1 PM,
( Reporting time 9 AM )

smmart Entrepreneur Money Mastery

When we listen to the word ‘relationships’, we often think of our interactions with other human beings. Our life experiences teach us that relationships with people can be healthy or toxic based on a number of factors. However, how many of us consider whether our relationship with money can be the same? Nevertheless, we usually ignore the fact that our relationship with money is as important as our relationships with human beings.

The other aspect that we come across while talking about money is that, is our money ‘smiling’ or ‘crying’? In layman language, the emotions that we have towards receiving and spending money attracts the type of money. Smiling money depicts our positive emotions like happiness, joy, satisfaction and contentment while emotions like hatred, jealousy, frustration and anger lead to an entrepreneur inviting crying money into their life.

The most interesting concept while dealing with money is ‘Money EQ & Money IQ’. Money IQ focuses on the financial intelligence acquired while learning about the theory of areas such as money management, investing, finance, etc. Whereas, Money EQ is your emotional intelligence that is required to handle any kind of surprises that comes your way. Having a high Money EQ determines a good relationship with money. And having both is the key variable to adequate financial success.

When it comes to breeding money, the most effective solution would be investing. But just investing blindly would not lead you anywhere near your goal. So first what you need to do is harmonize your goals with your abilities, and based on that you invest. One such goal of an entrepreneur would be Mindful Retirement – wherein you minutely plan your second innings so that you can work on your talent and passion during your retirement, and not for money.

Venue - The Fern Residency, Kuvadva road, Nr. Deluxe cinema chowk, Rajkot
Date - 6th November, 2020
Time - 10 AM to 1 PM,


The world of entrepreneurship has always been seen as a very enticing and dynamic one.

With experience in entrepreneur training and a multitude of success-stories, we at smmart are forever-growing when it comes to entrepreneur, enterprise, and individual transformation.

That being said, there are a few who find it a task to keep up the fast-growing business scene; so, we come to your rescue.

21 Videos on Entrepreneur Pain Areas by T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

3 Customized Videos on Challenges raised by Entrepreneurs after every Session.

Awards for implementation of learning of each Lesson.

Timing 10am to 9pm ( Monday - Friday )


We are Available for any queries, questions & issues related to the programs.


  • The Journey of an Entirepreneur to an Entrepreneur Mastering the Art of Getting Work Done through People, Understanding the Why & How of Empowering People.
  • People Management & Productivity Maximization Identifying the Types of People working with us, Identifying your Management Styles, Mapping & Exercising Management with Employee Maturity, Effectively adopting different Management styles to ensure utmost Productivity.
  • SET YOUR DNA FIRST Identifying & Understanding Your Organization’s DNA, Formulating the Vision for Your Organization, & Aligning each stakeholder of the Organization to the Organization’s Vision.
  • smmart Vision & Success Multiplication Strategy Sheet Understanding the Need for Strategy Formulation & Formulating the Right Strategies towards achieving Organization Long Term Goals.
  • smmart Loyalty & Talent Factory Building Process. Understand the 8 Step process to Recruit, Groom, Develop, & Retain Talented Workforce in your Organization.
  • smmart Vision & Success Multiplication Strategy Sheet Understanding the Importance of Organization Wellness, How to Maintain Organization Wellness, & the 5 Wellness Habits.
  • smmart Digital Marketing Understanding the Concept & Need for Digital Marketing, Customer Value Journey, Building a Growth Team.


  • Pinpointing whether your money is smiling or crying.
  • Discovering your ‘money personality’ and enhancing your relationship with money.
  • Understanding the difference between Money EQ and Money IQ.
  • Structuring your goal-based investments.
  • Don't keep diving into the concept of 'Mindful Retireme'